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Wearable Art

"I create jewelry to make women and men look and feel beautiful, spiritually connected and encouraged."

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Welcome to Belle's Collections.


In 2014, while on one of my cross country road trips I asked God to bless me and use my hands to create something beautiful that would bless others.  


I wanted to express my spirituality through my artwork and photography skills.

While my creative soul has never had a formal art lesson,  my muse comes from the regal history of my African ancestry. 


Tribal Fusion

Tribal fusion was born from the desire to create a tribe and bring different cultures together.

Showcasing works and arts from all over the world.

I feel very regal and special, I feel like everyone is looking at me in amazement. In fact, I'm often approached and asked where did I get my clothing and jewelry.  They also ask if I'm from Africa. 

I proudly tell them I'm wearing Belle's!


—  Ahimsa Teabout, Artist

Sacred Beading

Sacred beading is an ancient spiritual and transformational practice that pulls from your unconscious deepest yearning and feminine wisdom into a flowing piece of wearable art. 

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sacred beading

Belle's Baskets

 No matter the occasion, when you need the perfect gift, look to Belle's Gourmet Gift Baskets for the best corporate and promotional gifts.


Custom Gifts Specialists

Our team is proudly at your service every step of the way. Whether you need a hand picking out the perfect gifts or are looking for a delivery status update, our gift specialists are here for you.

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