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Jewelry Care Instructions

If you want to keep your handcrafted treasures looking like new, follow these simple steps:

Proper care, storing and cleaning will prolong the life and beauty of Belle’s Nefertiti Jewelry!

Storing your jewelry:

~ Keep necklaces from being tangled by hanging them in a jewelry box or on a jewelry organizer or even on a hook.

~ Earrings can be hung on an earring stand or even the edge of a cute cup, mug or another makeshift earring stand that will prevent them from being scratched, tangled or otherwise damaged.

~ Rings should be in a jewelry box or drawer.

~ Silver jewelry must be kept sealed when not worn in a box or sealed container even a plastic ziplock bag (with all the air pushed out) would do. This prevents it from receiving air and moisture which induces tarnishing.

Cleaning your custom jewelry:

Always use a cleaner meant for the item you are cleaning, this is a great rule to go by. Gold cleaners for gold silver for silver, and so on. Gemstones and beads are a bit different, and harsh cleaners that are used for metal can damage them and they will lose their luster or shine.  A cleaning/polishing cloth in its dry state is usually enough to clean and polish your jewelry. We recommend doing this when you remove your jewelry to keep it clean.

DO NOT! Steam, boil or place your handmade jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner. DO! Use a damp (never wet) or dry soft, clean, lint-free cloth, Chamois or Microfiber cloth to clean and polish.

Protecting your Handmade Jewelry:

Before your jewelry gets damaged or dirty, here is how you make sure it has a longer life. Don’t wear handmade jewelry while swimming, sunbathing, etc. Put your make up and perfume on before putting on your jewelry!

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