Labor of Love


"While on one of my cross country road trips, I asked God to bless me to use my hands to create something beautiful that would bless others.  I had owned Belle’s Basket by Design, Inc. for 10 years, but I wanted to express my spirituality through my artwork and evolve my yoga practice and photography skills.


 I came to jewelry design from an honest and holistic place.  This journey started truly by the will of God. Nefertiti Jewelry Collection was inspired by the coastal villages of West Africa, the tropical breezes of Canouan and the Caribbean Islands.


My muse came from the regal history of my African ancestry. I come from a linage of very creative and talented people; however, my creative soul has never had a formal art lesson.  Only by the grace of God does my gift flow."


Cynthia Simmons


22 Lake Arbor Dr
Palm Springs, Palm Beach County 33461

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