Cynthia Simmons, Artisan Facilitator




Sacred beading is an ancient spiritual and transformational practice that pulls from your unconscious deepest yearning and feminine wisdom into a flowing piece of wearable art. It tells the story of your transformation. This creative process is like an active meditation that helps you connect and be fully present to your deep inner self.

It will be a journey of empowerment, healing, sisterhood, community and wellness.

Your facilitator, Cynthia, will guide you in the making of a Namaste yoga bracelet of your own creation.


Prior to the workshop, Cynthia, prays over the beads. The energy of prayer combined with the inherent properties of the various stones and crystals you'll choose will accelerate the strength of your desires and assist in your holistic healing process.


Your package includes everything you need to create your jewelry.

 After you sign up for the virtual workshops, we will send you an online survey to complete so that we know which healing stones and fetishes to include.  

Community classes are not offered due to Covid 19.  We at Belle's take your health seriously and respect the need for social  distancing. 


The first time I took a Sacred Beading class with Cynthia,

I had a profound spiritual experience. I felt so deeply present that I lost the sense of identification and separation.


My mind quieted down as if in a deep meditative state and it was like I was one with the people around me, and one with the people before me who have been beading for hundreds of years.


Cynthia is a true and inspired conduit, and facilitator for the healing power of sacred beading. She has been anointed by the grace of the ancestors through this medium to help us release our limitations, the pain of our human experiences and reconnect with the truth of who we are: sacred beings.

Laure Carter, Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Coach
Virtual Sacred Beading Workshops

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