One of the World’s most enduring symbols, the circle, is the inspiration for my Nefertiti Jewelry Collection. The circle represents harmony, completeness, and continuity- it is the wheel of life that holds our world together. The Nefertiti Jewelry has a compelling quality-combining the colorful striking beauty and power of semi-precious healing stones, African trade beads with natural fetishes such as the elephant, cowrie shells and Adinkra symbols. It also includes elements from the earth such as silver and copper.


All of Belle's original Nefertiti Jewelry Collection is handcrafted in our Palm Springs, Florida studio. Due to the nature of the unique materials used, all items are one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art.


The beautiful shapes and hues found in nature always resonate with me as I meditate while creating each piece in the collection.


Tribal Fusion was created to pair with Belle's Nefertiti Jewelry Collections.

It is an abundance of vibrant, colorful Ankara patterns glam and glitz.  African inspired storytelling on canvases of fabric that is beautiful handcrafted and brilliant!

Fashion forward yet reaching back paying homage to our ancestors. Respecting the cultural creativity

of those who paved the way.

Tribal fusion not just fashion but a Sankofa movement.



In 2016 I attended Speak their Names, an annual South Florida art exhibition and recitation of names.

At this event community activist and artist honored those who were murdered due to senseless acts of violence. 


During and after this event I was overwhelmed with emotions including anger, frustration, hopefulness and hopelessness.

Not being able to shift, I sat down at my beading table and began to create Mixed Emotions.

It was only when I had completed the necklace that I felt better. 


My spirit knew it was in the making of this piece I became an Artist...

Inner Journey


Inner Journey is the first in my collection as a fine artist.

My muse comes from the regal history of my African ancestry. I began my art journey as a beaded jewelry artisan 6 years ago. My art mentor encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and create a fine art piece that would showcase my beaded art.
I have always been inspired by the beautiful shapes and hues found in nature. So when I saw the intricate twisted green bananas sticks one day in a florist shop I knew I wanted to somehow marry them with my craft. Inner Journey is wrapped in the same vibrant colors that are used to create the tribal fusion collection that I have established. I wrap as I feel, almost never creating the same pattern.  I find inner peace as I meditate while creating each piece in the collection. I look forward to finding new and creative ways to express my feelings through my fine artwork.

©2021 Created by Cynthia Simmons